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When it comes to sports, Ghana is a force to reckon with. In recent times, Ghanaian sports men have exhibited to the world, some superior skills in many sport disciplines. At the most recent completed World Cup, the Black stars were favorites. Also, in the world of boxing we have seen some great boxers like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, and presently Clottey and Agbeko. However, despite the success the ministry of Education and Sports, it is plagued with problems. This was very evident at the poor performance displayed at the most recent Beijing Olympics game.


After the competition the Ghanaian airwaves were bombarded with news and views about the poor performance displayed by the Ghanaian athletes. Ironically, Mr. Joe Aggrey had a press conference at TV 3 to discuss the cause of the failure when this competition was a yardstick to measure his years as a sports minister. He also evaluated the programs that he implemented in preparation for the games. Dr. Owusu Ansah was also on Joy fm with his ideas and to blow his horns and also point accusing fingers. Being in the position of a Sports Development officer, I was expecting him to explain or state the development programs that he has instituted all his years at the ministry and to show the results.


After listening and observing, I see it very clear and vivid that the problem of the decline of Sports in Ghana has still not been identified. I deem it very necessary and a call to duty to write this article to bring to light the challenges of sports development in Ghana and propose some solutions.




1. Disconnect between Inter school sports and the national sports council.


2. The need to change officials of the Ghana Olympics committee and sports association after four years in office.


3. The need to hold officials of the Ghana Olympic committee, national association, and interim committee officers accountable after competitions.


4. Selection of officials and sports stake holders should include educated sports personnel, former athletes and not business men.


5. The need to give International exposure to athletes.


6. The provision of top notch training facilities, equipments and coaches.


7. The need for an exemption on custom duties on all sports equipments.


8. The need for the Development of quality training programs and sports education programs


9. The need for sponsorships of tournaments and competitions


Disconnect between Ghana education service Physical education department and the national sports council.


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