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Community-based Health and Planning Services



Before CHPS was used as Ghana’s strategy for decentralizing the national health system, it was a pilot project in the northern region of Navrongo.


In Navrongo, a Community-based Health and Family Planning (CHFP) initiative was established to decrease high infant mortality and high fertility rates (4).

The program was first implemented in the Kassena-Nakana district, where infant mortality was 120 per 1,000 live births, the total fertility rate was above 5%, immunization levels were low, and contraceptive use was lower than 4% (5).


The Kassena-Nankana district was illustrative of a larger problem, the lack of proper health care in poor rural communities. Communities like those in this district had literacy rates as low at 48% among women and urbanization in only 10% of the district (3,4).


The Kassena-Nankana district was representative of how the health system bypassed rural communities, making it an excellent setting to test the effect of a community-based health care system.


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